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What is DelVR?

DelVR is a web-based application that allows the user to build 2-dimensional table-top RPG(Role Playing Game) style dungeon maps, view them in 3D on their browser, or in virtual reality using their mobile device and a low-cost virtual reality headset.

  • Create, save, and load 2D dungeon maps.
  • View dungeons in 3D on a browser or in virtual reality
  • Share your dungeons with friends and the world.


When playing table-top role palying games, while the game master may be capable of painting a picture with words, each player will still have a differing vision of what a room or dungeon looks like. How can we give everyone the same vision to ensure everyone has the same experience?

With DelVR, we wanted to create a platform with which a game master could provide their players a unified idea of what their dungeon looks like, and immerse those players deeper in the role playing experience. Our solution is accessible by anyone with:

  • A computer with a modern browser and internet connection.
  • A mobile, internet connected device.
  • And / or a virtual reality headset for use with a mobile device.

DelVR's family

Leadership Team

Aaron Cloutier

Andrew Phelps

Doug Mansell


Kristy Younglove

Core Team

Peter Gyory

Braxton Frederick

Derek Lescarbeau

Emily Suplinskas

Christopher Way

Francesco DiPietro

Front End Team

Joseph Coppola

Shawn Ribaudo

James Zolyak

Assets Team

Courtney Balousek

Dillon Guscott

Sungmin Park

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